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Tips To Fix Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard

//Tips To Fix Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard

Tips To Fix Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is a vital part of your laptop. Without a keyboard, your laptop is of no use. The malfunctioning of the keyboard is often due to problems with the hardware driver. If you don’t clean your laptop keyboard regularly, dust and dirt can get inside the keys and this can hamper the proper functioning of the keyboard. There are many other reasons for the malfunctioning of a laptop keyboard.

It is possible for you to solve some of the laptop keyboard problems on your own. However, you have to take the help of a technician expert in Lenovo laptop repair in Kolkata for severe problems of your laptop keyboard. Therefore, read on to know how you can fix a Malfunctioning Laptop Keyboard.

Update the drivers of your laptop keyboard

You can try to fix your malfunctioning laptop keyboard by updating the drivers. Enter the device manager by clicking ‘Start’. Browse the device list until you find ‘Keyboards’. Expand the list and after that, right-click on the keyboard device and select ‘Properties>Driver’. Wait for a few minutes after clicking ‘Update Driver’ until Windows installs a new driver. Then test the keyboard by typing something.

Clean your laptop keyboard

You should clean your laptop keyboard at regular intervals. However, taking proper care is necessary while cleaning the keyboard. Shut down your laptop in the first place. Then turn the laptop upside down and start tapping gently on its base. Slowly move your fingers across all the laptop keys to remove any remaining dirt. You can also use a compressed air spray or a small brush to clean the laptop keyboard.

Replace the laptop keyboard

If there is no connection between the keyboard and the motherboard of your laptop, it is a serious issue. This leads to the malfunctioning of the keyboard. This once happened to my laptop and ultimately I have to replace my laptop keyboard from a shop selling laptop spare parts near me. You should take the help of an expert for replacing your laptop keyboard if you don’t have the proper knowledge of doing so.

Change the regional settings

Are you having a problem in particular keys of your laptop? It could be something related to your language settings. When you are confirmed that the problem is not related to hardware, check this. Press the special character keys after opening a text editor in your laptop. If the output contains the wrong symbol, it is certainly due to language settings. The owner of the best laptop repairing center in Kolkata has told us how to do this. You have to press ‘Windows +I’ in Windows 10 and select ‘Time & language>Region & language’. Choose the correct option for your keyboard after clicking ‘Add a language’. Wait for a few minutes after clicking ‘Next’ and ‘Install’. Select the new language after opening the ‘Languages’ drop-down menu in the Region & language screen. Your keyboard will now work properly.