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Habits that can Damage your Laptop

//Habits that can Damage your Laptop

Habits that can Damage your Laptop

We cannot imagine our lives without laptops. They have made our tasks a lot easier. The average life of a laptop is around five years. However, laptops often don’t last that long and we are responsible for this. Many of us don’t take proper care of their laptops. If we want our laptops to last longer and give us the best performance, we should take proper care of them. Here we will mention some habits that are harmful to our laptops. We should try to avoid these habits and keep our laptops healthy and happy.

Eating or drinking while using laptops

Many of us have the habit of eating while using laptops. If you have this habit, try to avoid it. While you eat and use your laptop at the same time, there is a high chance that food crumbs will fall from your mouth on the laptop. The tiny particles of food can attract bugs and your laptop also looks dirty. If these particles get inside the keyboard, they can damage the circuitry. There are many people who enjoy sipping a glass of cold drink or a cup of hot coffee while working on a laptop. This is another thing you should not do. If some liquid falls on your laptop by any chance, it may cause malfunctioning of your laptop. Then you have to take your laptop to the best laptop repairing center in Kolkata. Try not to use your laptop while eating or drinking anything.

Keeping objects on laptop

This is a very dangerous habit. You should remember that it’s a laptop and not a table. There can be scratches, dents or cracks in your laptop if you place objects on it. In many cases, heavy objects can also damage the screen and hinges. It may seem to you that keeping small things like pen or paper clips on your keyboard for a few minutes would not do any harm. This is wrong as if you accidentally close the lid of the laptop without removing the objects from the keyboard, they can damage the screen. My laptop screen once got damaged due to the same reason. I had to buy a replacement screen from a laptop spare parts shop near me.

Using harmful detergents to clean the laptop screen

You need to clean your laptop screen, but you should not do it with harsh detergents. They can damage the screen. Clean your laptop screen with a microfiber cloth and a screen-cleaning spray.

Laptop not getting enough ventilation

The cooling of your laptop is done by its fans and heat sinks. However, they cannot do their job properly if they get clogged or if there is not enough ventilation around the laptop. This leads to overheating of the laptop and its parts can get damaged to this. According to the owner of a shop doing Lenovo laptop repair in Kolkata, many laptops, which got damaged due to overheating, come to the shop for repairs.

Lack of power surge protection

Unexpected power surges are harmful to your laptop. These surges may cause damage to the internal components of the laptop. It is beneficial to get a quality surge protector for your laptop.