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Common Problems of a Laptop

//Common Problems of a Laptop

Common Problems of a Laptop

We all love our laptops. They are an indispensable part of our lives. As they give us a lot of services, it is our responsibility to maintain them properly. Despite our best efforts to keep our laptops in a proper state, there can be problems in them. Here we will discuss the common problems of a laptop and what we can do to fix them.

  • Sound not working:

    The problem can be of the speaker or the microphone. If the problem persists even after checking the volume levels and the mute button, it may need the intervention of a specialist. You should send the laptop to the best laptop repairing center in Kolkata.

  • Application showing an error message or not working:

    You may first try closing the application and reopening it. Another step can be reinstalling the application. Consult an expert in laptop repairing if you don’t get success after trying out these steps.

  • The screen becomes frozen:

    The problem can solve if you force restart your system. There can be different issues behind this problem. Some application may cause this problem or it can be due to faulty hardware.

  • Frequent restarting:

    Nothing can irritate you more than your system suddenly restarting in the middle of any important work. You will need expert help for this as it can be due to various hardware problems or corrupt system files of windows.

  • The laptop isn’t turning on:

    It is quite a serious matter if your laptop isn’t turning on. The reason may be a damaged DC input on your motherboard or the charger not supplying enough voltage to charge the battery. You may need to buy a new charger if it is not possible to repair your current charger. I normally go to a reputed shop selling laptop spare parts near me, if I need to buy laptop parts.

  • Overheating of the laptop:

    If your laptop is getting excessively heated even when the external temperature is cold it can be due to different reasons. The lint buildup in the fans can cause overheating of the laptop. It can also be due to the drying of the silicon paste that transfers heat from the CPU and GPU. You should take the help of a professional laptop repair specialist as continuous overheating can damage the laptop permanently.

  • Strange sounds from laptop:

    Are strange sounds coming from your laptop while it is running? It can be due to an internal issue. Send your laptop to a shop doing Lenovo laptop repair in Kolkata for necessary repair work.

  • Battery issues:

    There can be problems in charging your laptop due to issues related to its battery. Get your laptop checked by a repair specialist to get the issue resolved.

  • Keys not working:

    It may happen sometimes that you are attempting to type something in your laptop but the keys are not working. You can check whether it is actually the fault of the laptop’s keyboard by plugging in an external keyboard and typing something with it. If you find that the problem is actually with the laptop’s keyboard, consult an expert.